Every ingredient counts

Have you ever had a soggy bottom? I know I have! If, like me, you have ever been drawn to the kitchen to produce luscious cakes, create a kugelhopf, beat together a baklava, or dash off a ciabatta then I’m sure you’ll be glued to the new series of the Great British Bake Off.

It’s a fun programme. There’s the nervous cooks, the naughty presenters and the tough judges with a twinkle in their eyes. And it’s great to hear that it inspires others to try out baking themselves – even if it’s just platefuls of simple and delicious cupcakes.

Whether the contestants are trying to trump each other with tarts or beat their neighbours with bread rolls it’s never an easy task. All the ingredients have to be mixed together in exactly the right quantity and baked for just the right amount of time to ensure showstopping triumphs rather than culinary disasters.

By themselves many of the ingredients – such as flour, baking powder, or raw eggs – would taste very unpleasant. But by bringing them all together in just the right way, the good cook can produce something scrumptious, delicious, delectable, and mouth-watering.

People are a bit like those ingredients. The Bible says that every one of us is separate but necessary and that God wants everything to work together for the good of all. Like the ingredients being stirred together into a cake mix, when we work together it can bring out our best potential.

We might think that we haven’t got much of a role to play in our church or community, in our home or in our workplace and perhaps we feel we can’t make a difference. But in a recipe even the smallest ingredient can make a huge difference.

Always remember – we are all key ingredients! By working together and drawing on our individual strengths we can cook up something wonderful – and definitely avoid soggy bottoms.