Scooby Doo: The Mystery of the Pyramid

You’ll believe that cartoon characters can be brought to life when you see the cartoon characters Scooby Doo and his friends brought to life in Scooby Doo: the Mystery of the Pyramid.

It was a bit spooky this show should come to Brighton this week as only yesterday I was reading about a court case where the makers of ordinary teabags were suing the makers of pyramid tea bags, though none of this appeared in the plot of the show, probably because it is sub juicy day.

I really don’t know how, other than through the magic of theatre as we professionals like to call it, animated characters on a TV screen can be brought to life to appear on a stage. On TV they look very two dimensional, almost like drawings, but here they were real.

There was quite a complex mystery for the sleuths to solve in Egypt, almost worthy of the several plays I have seen recently personally written by Agatha Christie. It wasn’t quite Death on the Nile, although that was set in Egypt too, which is a funny coincidence.

There were mummies dancing around the stage, which wasn’t very realistic: bring back Michael Flatley and Anton du Beke, I say!

Regular readers will know the most exciting experience I’ve ever had in theatre happened a few weeks ago when all the lights went out during a performance of Black Coffee (starring Robert Powell, who played Jesus on TV) at Eastbourne. Well, my experience tonight matched that! The lights went out several times! This may have been part of the production, but I was distracted on one or two occasions by someone trying to pinch my sherbet lemons.

All the cast were really good in the show, especially Shaggy and Scooby , played by Shaggy and Scooby (probably best known for appearing in the TV series Scooby Doo).

I really liked the activity programme we got. I did the wordsearch quite quickly, though couldn’t immediately find the word ZOINKS, which I don’t think is really a word so it might have been a red herring, which I seem to think was a line from Agatha Christie’s A Murder is Announced, which starred Louise Jameson as Miss Marple. Louise has starred in many things on TV. There was also a Sudoku in it, but I don’t really like them as I’m not much good with figures, as the bus conductor on my bus tonight will affirm when I tried to pay him the wrong fare!