Dawn French – Thirty Million Minutes

I went to Brighton to see a thing starring Dawn French, best known for her appearance on TV in Murder Most Horrid. It was called Thirty Million Minutes because that’s how many episodes of The Comic Strip Presents there were.

It was a solo tour but I think it could have done with some dancers because I quite like dancing in a show, especially when it is by Dougie Squires’ Second Generation.

Although Dawn French is best known as a comedian (mostly as part of a double act with another person) she proves here that she can do other things. I thought it would be a very funny evening and it was but it was also not funny. 

I was a bit disappointed that she wore the same outfit throughout the evening. She should have taken a tip from the cast of A Murder is Announced, which I saw at Eastbourne last week, and was the best thing Agatha Christie ever wrote for the stage, because they changed costumes during the play, but Dawn French didn’t. 

I had one of the most exciting times I’ve ever had in theatre when she mentioned Brighton and Hove – and we were actually in Brighton, so it shows she knows where she is. It wasn’t the most exciting time I’ve ever had – that happened in Eastbourne when the lights went out in Black Coffee starring Robert Powell, who played Jesus on TV. I wanted to talk to him afterwards but had to dash for a bus. 

If you’re a fan of Absolutely Fabulous then I’d say this isn’t really the show for you, but if you like Dawn French then this is definitely the show for you because it stars Dawn French.